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7 Wealth-Building Tips To Know While You’re Young

Landing a good-paying job is the first step to building a financially secure future. But as Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad fame said, “It’s not how much money you make, but how much you keep, how hard it works for you.” Financial strategists provide seven ways to secure your future in earnest.

Pay Yourself First – Treat your savings as though they were bills to be paid. Do it on the job by contributing to your employer’s retirement program. But do it on your own as well, having automatic payments from your checking account go into a designated savings account.

Develop High Income Skills – Your biggest asset is your skill set—the assets most valued by employers that will give you more opportunity for advancement. Whether hard skills, like expertise in niche parts of your job, or soft skills, such as interpersonal skills, the more you develop in-demand traits the higher paid you will be.

Invest Early – It doesn’t take a fortune. Investing even small amounts when you are younger can lead to substantial gains as you age.

Continue Learning – No matter what your job or education level is, we’re all capable of picking up new skills. Learning not only makes it easier to progress in one’s career, but also keeps us motivated, confident and interested in our work.

Plan Ahead and Set Goals – If you want to buy a house in five years and put down $30,000, you will need to save $500 each month to meet that goal. Prioritize your goals in terms of what is critical, what you eventually need and what you want.

Hang With Successful People – Surrounding yourself with successful people puts you in a wealth-building mindset and gives you more chances to discuss financial topics. Having good connections can also present more opportunities to help you accelerate your career.

Live Within Your Means – That means spending less than you earn, and it’s vital to ensuring a financially secure future.

No matter how old (or young) you are, it’s never too late to get started on these skills. Building generational wealth is a goal of many of our investors, and we love being able to assist them in that goal through real estate. While building generational wealth is more than just collecting assets, it’s a great start for many.